WePower is leading Israel towards equal gender representation

In Government,


and Business

50:50 by 2030

Gender Equality Measure


0 %

of the directors of public companies are women


0 %

of the senior managers are women


0 %

of the heads of local government authorities are women


0 %

of public elected officials in local government are women

Our Vision

Equal representation around decision-making tables

WePower promotes gender equality at all levels of society. We strive to create an equal, sustainable society, in which there will be a 50:50 representation of women and men. At the decision-maker level, women can influence resource decisions and promote initiatives directly and optimally.

There is an urgent need to concentrate resources and socio-economic initiatives to change the current situation. The accelerator program, spearheaded by Dr. Adv. Orit Rishpi, chairwoman of WePower, directly responds to this issue.

Our Mission

Encouraging women to run for office at both the national and local levels

Promoting legislation that expedites gender equality - The Accelerator Project

Training women for public office

Advancing women’s leadership and gender equality

WePower was established
The Debate Project taught debate and academic discourse skills regarding gender issues to students of hundreds of schools. The program involved an event with the President of Israel and was adopted by the Ministry of Education.
The proposal of the 16th Amendment to the Companies Law requiring sufficient representation of women in public companies
UN ECOSOC Consultative Status granted to WePower
The proposal of the political parties law encouraging equal representation
WePower led a coalition of civil society organizations in the run-up to the municipal elections: the number of women elected to regional councils increased ten-fold
Awarding the ‘Gender Badge’ to local authorities with equal gender representation to mark the 20th anniversary of WePower
WePower was recognized as a Visionary Partner of the Hadassah Foundation
WePower launched the Accelerator Project at the UN in New York

50:50 by 2030
In Government, Politics,
and Business.

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