About Us

What is WEPOWER?

Established in 2000, WePower is a non-profit, non-partisan Israeli NGO. Advancing women to top influental positions, WePower proactively focuses on advancing women to top influential positions at the highest levels of decision-making and elected positions, thus propelling social change leading to an equal, civil society.From our experience, when greater numbers of women advance within the political and public arenas, they bring a gendered approach to policy issues and are thus able to address the root causes of the challenges faced by women and girls in Israel.

Our Vision

Equal Representation In Decision Making Positions!

WePower aims to promote women’s leadership and gender mainstreaming in all levels of society, increasing awareness to gender inequality, creating social change and a more equal civic society. Once women are in positions of power, they will be able to directly influence the re-allocation of resources so that policy and budgets better address women’s needs and concerns.

50-50 by 2030









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